1. What is the purpose of the occupational health and safety act (OHSA)?
2. A worker has been given a job he/she feels to be unsafe, what course of action can the worker take?
3. Who is exempt from the occupational health and safety act?
4. What is the maximum penalty that can be issued per offence to an individual found contravening OHSA or it’s regulations? 

5. What is the maximum penalty that can be issued to a corporation found contravening OHSA or it’s regulations?
6. Under WHMIS a worker has a right to know about?
7. What is the following WHMIS symbol? 

8. What is the following WHMIS symbol? 

corrosive material
9. What is the following WHMIS symbol? 

10. Whose responsibility is it to prepare a material safety data sheet (MSDS)?
11. An MSDS for a controlled product must not be more than how many years old?
12. Under WHMIS what are 2 types of labels you will find?
13. Under WHMIS when is a workplace label required?
14. When safety or personal protective equipment is identified to be damaged, worn, defective or out of date, what should be done?
15. When climbing a ladder how many points of contact must be maintained?
16. Which of the following below represents a properly set up ladder?
17. A portable extension ladder provides access from one level to another, at minimum how many rungs shall extend above the higher level?
18. Which of the following below are not to be used as steps on a portable step ladder?
19. What elements does a fire need to start and maintain itself?
20. What class of fire is an electrical fire?
21. Lockout/tagout is applied to a disconnect switch feeding a motor, who is allowed to operate the switch while under protection?
22. Before entering a confined space what test must be completed to ensure safe atmospheric conditions?
23. What will all approved electrical equipment bear?
24. If you determine a scaffold is unsafe to climb what should you do?
25. When are you required to wear fall protection?
26. A 2 dimensional representation of a 3 dimensional part is referred to as?  
27. A drawing used to represent a 3 dimensional object in 2 dimensions is a?
28. What are the 3 classes of hazardous locations?
29. When a crane operator is moving loads that they can’t see, what must they use?
30. On which materials should you not use a power actuated tool (Hilti Gun) on?
31. What instrument can be used to measure ionizing radiation?
32. If a drawing is to scale and the scale of the drawing is 1:10 and the drawing length was 5 inches, what is the real length of the part?
33. If a drawing is to scale and the scale of the drawing is 2:1 and the drawing length was 10 inches, what is the real length of the part?
34. Which statement is true of the Canadian electrical code?
35. When you see this symbol ‘Δ’ in the canadian electrical code what does it represent?
36. An electrician is going to replace a fluorescent tube 5 meters above grade, what safety equipment must he or she use?
37. What conditions must be established before meggering a circuit?
38. When disconnecting a 3 phase 600 V motor what are the required tools to ensure a safe job?
39. If working on a piece of equipment that is fed from dual power sources, what should be done before work begins?
40. When using a Power actuated tool (Hilti Gun) what personal protection equipment should be worn?
41. What statement is true of a 600v motor control centre installed in an industrial plant?
42. What type of loads are scaffolds designed for?
43. An electrical room contains switchgear rated at 3000A, due to the arrangement of the equipment in the room, in the event of a failure you would have to walk by the equipment, how much space must be given around this equipment?
44. A pair of electricians high voltage rubber insulating gloves are required to be tested every?
45. Pick the sling angle below that is subjected to the least amount of stress?
46. Where in the Canadian electrical code book would you find the object and scope of the CEC?
47. When preparing the CEC what is given consideration?
48. An extension ladder is leaning up against a building that is 10 ft high, how far out should the bottom of the ladder be from the base of the building?
49. When accessing a scaffold platform from a vertical ladder what is the minimum clearance required behind the ladder rungs?
50. What is the purpose of a power blocking device when used on coaxial cable systems?
51. A hoisting operation will be taking place in the vicinity of a 120KV overhead line, what is the minimum distance the hoist equipment must maintain from the energized overhead line?
52. What section of the code would you find the definition for 'grounding conductor'?
53. A coax cable has an impedance of?
54. The CEC does not apply to the following?
55. Electrical equipment is to be used in a Class I hazardous location and it has a temperature code of T2B, what is the maximum surface temperature of this equipment?
56. What is the autoignition temperature of hydrogen in ℃?
57. If a contractor is going to install a pony panel in an existing dwelling, when should they obtain a permit?
58. You have received a permit to do electrical work where must you display a copy of the permit?
59. When using an extension ladder you shall not work from any of the top ____ rungs?
60. Workers should be wearing hearing protection if the ambient noise is above what db level?
61. When wearing electrical insulating rubber gloves, what other gloves should be worn with them?
62. A drawing that shows how a building or structure is built, is what type of drawing?
63. A floor plan of a building is an example of what type of drawing?
64. Before using an industrial cleaner you have never used before you should?
65. Can safety hard hats be worn backwards?
66. What type of drawing would contain layout dimensions for concrete structures?
67. What is the proper layout of a guardrail system on a scaffold?
68. Which of the following cab be used to fight electrical fires?
69. What is the requirements for a tube and clamp scaffold that will be over 10m in height?
70. Scaffolds should be built with the capability to carry at least, how many times the load to be imposed upon it.
71. What is the requirement for an end frame scaffold that will be over 15m in height?
72. Where can requests for amendments to the CEC Part 1 be sent and who can make requests for amendments to the CEC Part 1?
73. When installing a 9/16 wire rope around a wire rope thimble how many 9/16 clips are needed?
74. An electric drill is double insulated, it does not need a?
75. The 'grounded circuit conductor' is what colour?
76. What colour is the conductor that is connected to terminal “G” of a 5-15R receptacle?
77. What colour is the conductor that is connected to terminal “W” terminal of a 5-15R receptacle?
78. A high pot tester would be used to test which of the following below?
79. Receptacles supplied from an essential electrical system shall be coloured?
80. Which below describes a delayed vital branch circuit with regard to patient care areas?
81. What type of hazard is present in a class I hazardous area?
82. In a Class I hazardous area which zone is most likely to have hazards present continuously?
83. Where a mineral insulated cable is used as a neutral conductor, how shall it be identified?
84. Refer to the drawing below, what does the dashed line represent?hiddenlinequestion
85. A crane operator lifting a load has to obey which signal from anyone who gives it?
86. What type of receptacle is shown in the symbol below? 

receptacle question
87. What does the symbol below represent? 

88. An assembly line controlled by a PLC has stopped working in the middle of an operation, what drawing would you reference to aid in troubleshooting?
89. A drawing that shows how a circuit operates and how control devices are interconnected is called a?
90. As you are walking through a manufacturing shop in an industrial workplace you notice an unsafe condition, who should you report this to?
91. What is continuous positive pressure ventilation in regards to sewage lift and treatment plants?
92. It takes 1 volt to push 1 amp through one ohm of resistance, what does this sentence describe?
93. Typically what is the amount of current that can cause a sensation but is not yet painful?
94. Typically at what amount of current would you start to experience muscle contraction?
95. What standard is used to measure conductor size?
96. What are the requirements of a simple electrical circuit?
97. Conventional current flow is from?
98. 1 HP is equal to how many watts?
99. The SI unit for energy is?
100. A trip free breaker can clear a fault even if the handle is held in what position?
101. There is a black dot where two lines cross on a schematic, what does this represent?
102. The top view of an orthographic projection would show what dimensions of a part?
103. Before drilling a hole through metal, what tool can be used to mark the center of the hole?
104. When you go into a junction box you notice a lot of dirt and dust within it, what is an acceptable method of cleaning it?
105. What is true about electron and conventional current flow theory?
106. A green triangle on a pair of safety work boots means?
107. Of the following lighting methods which has the longest lifespan?
108. A person who because of their training, knowledge and experience can perform a job safely and properly, is known as a?
109. Each piece of approved electrical equipment should contain which of the following?
110. Where a fire separation is pierced by a raceway, any openings around the raceway shall be properly sealed in compliance with?
111. Can a 3 way or 4 way switches be considered a disconnecting means for maintenance purposes?
112. What is the maximum voltage drop of a feeder or branch circuit?
113. A material that is a good conductor will have electrons in its outermost shell that are?
114. A device that measures rotational speed using a flashing light, is known as a?
115. The nucleus of an atom contains which of the following?
116. A tachometer is used to measure which of the following?
117. What does the atomic number of an element represent?
118. What are the electrons in the outermost shell of an atom called?
119. You have 6 protons and 6 neutrons in a carbon atom, what is its atomic mass ?
120. What is used to determine where an element is placed in the periodic table?
121. What is the following WHMIS symbol?Questionflmmablewhmis
122. What is the following WHMIS symbol?questionwhmisdangreactive
123. If the symbol below is found on a pair of safety work boots, what does it mean?


124. What does the following symbol represent?electrolyticapquestion
125. Which drawing would you refer to if you needed details on receptacle install locations in a new commercial office?
126. This symbol is on an electrical schematic, what does it represent? 

chassis ground question
127. Refer to the diagram, what type of switch is this? 

DPDT question
128. What is the electrical symbol shown? 

129. The symbol shown is on an electro-hydraulic schematic, what does this symbol represent? 

filter question
130. If the flow of current follows the red arrows in the diagram, which type of current flow is shown? 

electron current flow question
131. Which sling angle below would have the most stress placed upon it?
132. A drawing has a scale of 1:500,  If the drawing is 50 cm, what is the real size of the item drawn?
133. In OHSA, a competent worker is defined as a person who has which of the following?
134. What are the 3 basic rights OHSA gives to workers?
135. The internal responsibility system in a workplace involves who?
136. Employers has an obligation to provide workers with training on their fall protection systems. 
137. In OHSA Industrial establishments are covered by Ontario regulation 851.
138. What is the best way to protect yourself from a fall from height?
139. If using wood guardrails as a fall prevention method they must be capable of resisting all loads that will be applied to them. 
140. All fall arrest equipment must be approved by?
141. What device can drastically reduce the force exerted from a fall from height?
142. A carabiner used in a fall arrest system will have how many actions to operate?
143. When using a fall arrest the best spot for an approved anchor point tie off is?
144. Extension ladders should be set up one foot out for every 3 or 4 feet up.
145. Portable ladders used for regular access between levels must extend at least 3 ft above the upper landing. 
146. Portable ladders used for regular access between levels must have a clear space of at least 6 inches behind each rung. 
147. A bond that involves the sharing of valence electron pairs between atoms is what type of bond?

A victim of electric shock may likely require what type of immediate medical attention?


Under WHMIS when is a workplace label required?

150. When using a fire extinguisher to fight a fire, where should you aim the nozzle?
151. What is the purpose of a class 'A' GFCI?
152. Which of the following below is a Source of Energy?
153. When removing an explosion-proof instrument from service, which procedure below would ensure both worker and equipment saftey?
154. What is to be done with an oil filled dead weight tester after using it to bench test a pressure gauge?

Which of the following symptoms are typical of heat stroke?


Which of the following is the purpose of administering CPR?


A key element of a comprehensive health and safety program is which of the following below?

158. When new materials/products are received on a job site, what is to be done with the MSDS?
159. Which of the following prevents Scaffolding from toppling over?


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